Spirituality Manifesting Into the Physical Realms

Building Relationships Within Ourselves & With Others & the Earth

Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your TruthSacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

The three-year program at SPHS leads to a diploma of graduation and ordination as a spiritual healer. 

The school develops healers prepared to interface between: 

  • Western and Integrative / Complementary Medicine
  • The science of energy and spirituality
  • The mind, body, and spirit

Topics of study include:

  • Energy healing and energy medicine
  • Spiritual healing
  • Anatomy and physiology, and their relationship to energy
  • Lifestyle management
  • Astrology
  • Sound healing
  • Many different healing techniques and modalities

​By graduation, students have demonstrated proficiency in high sense perception to assess the human energy field and in healing science skills to clear, charge, and balance the energy field. They have developed the ability to track their own inner blockages and to spiral downward, inward, then upward into conscious healing. They have aligned their hearts and souls with Creator’s Light.

Interested in Applying?

For more information on the next starting class and the application process, contact Ruey Ryburn

How Graduates Apply Sacred Path Healing

  • Improved interpersonal communications and relations

  • Discreet application of far-reaching self-healing and personal growth with family members, children, co-workers and students

  • ​Skilled moderation and facilitation of group dynamics

  • Enhanced teaching ability and classroom management

  • Counseling and healing therapeutics applied with clients in person and remotely

  • Integration into massage therapy, acupuncture and other bodywork practices

  • Enhanced spiritual awareness and guidance for life path and choices

  • Holding loving presence in all aspects of daily life

From Year One to Beyond Graduation

Year One

This year focuses on self-healing at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and may be taken without continuing into the next two years.

Year Two

Year Two continues the inward journey of personal healing while also focusing on healing self in relation to other, developing high sense perception and learning and applying hands-on healing skills.

Year Three

Year Three continues with self-healing and the development of healership with emphasis upon the power of intention, surrendering to working with the spiritual team guiding Sacred Path Healing, as well as exploring distance, Earth and global healing. 

Ordination & Graduation

Ordination and graduation ceremonies are both held on the last day of the last session of the third year of school. 

Post-Graduate Certification

Graduates can further expand and deepen their skills and experience under faculty supervision. 

SPHS Clinic

Graduates and faculty also offer healing sessions as part of the SPHS clinic.