Energy Healing Techniques

Each of us is her or his own healer. That sacred healing comes from within. 

spiritual energy healer can assist you in your healing by using techniques that balance your energy field and enhance your sense of well-being. There are many techniques that may be used to facilitate the healing of the energy body:

  • Laying on of hands and energy work, both with the healer's hands on your body and also through the human energy field which surrounds your body.

  • Balancing, clearing and charging your energy field and system.

  • Removing energetic blocks that lead to disease while enhancing your body's natural healing potential.

  • Additional techniques that may be part of your healing session include health counseling, using breath, praying, toning, and applying therapeutic grade essential oils, NST (Neurostructural Integration Therapy), and Acutonic tuning forks.

  • Self-care, after the session, is also an extremely important part of your healing process.​

The Gift and Process of Healing

The poem below illustrates the process and gift of healing. For more on the healing journey, go to our Mission Statement / Definition Poem and Ruey's Poetry pages.


Why then, God, is there such pain to scale through? 

Why, God, are there so many obstacles on this path? 

Why, God, has so much karma accumulated? 

Why God are the veils so tightly wound? 

I bow now asking to unlock, unhook, accept 

As your guidance and grace is revealed.  

May I dig and delve in these darkened rooms and passages, 

These spaces within filled with karmic clutter— 

No longer vibrating harmoniously. 

As unconsciousness dissolves, 

And I see, truly see, my part, 

I surrender to your grace.  

I bow my ego down, 

Humbly asking for your light 

To dissolve the darkness. 

Please fill me with rainbow light.  

I know that God’s Light and Love are the path, 

The Sacred Path I choose today and each day. 

I am an emissary of God’s Light.