First Year


  • This year focuses on self-healing and may be taken without continuing into the intensive healership training of the next two years.

  • Students look at their unconscious, unhealed, and inner wounded places while simultaneously studying the seven chakras and 12 meridian pathways to healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

  • They explore the psychological and energetic aspects of inner child wounding and its effects on personal behavior.

  • They also learn techniques to balance the bio-emotional-mental-spiritual body.

  • Yoga, chanting, meditation, group process, healing demonstrations, lecture/discussion, and experiential exercises are integrated into this year’s study.

  • A life-style class enhances awareness and life choices surrounding nutrition, exercise, attitudes and intentionality upon health and well-being.

  • Students complete the first year with a project of their choosing illustrating their journey through the chakra system.​