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Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your TruthSacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

Her Path


Ruey “hit the wall” in 1993. At that time, she was frustrated by an unhappy marriage, dealing with a very ill daughter, and grappling with the feeling that the whole reason she had entered nursing—to serve God—was being thwarted by bureaucratic demands. One day she fell to her knees and prayed: “I will go anywhere and do anything you ask, God, if you will reveal yourself to me.” Soon after, she found herself at a women’s spiritual retreat where her task was to journal about her dreams and then create a collage. When she began writing, the words poured forth. “Dreams—what are those?” she began. “I used to have dreams, now I have despair.” But as she continued writing, she touched again a sense of hope and purpose. This was the beginning of a journey that led her next to her first spiritual teacher, Rev. Virginia Ellen. 

With Virginia, Ruey had two remarkable experiences, both of which pushed far beyond the traditional bio-medical path she had been trained in. First, Ruey’s hands became ignited with the power to heal; next, in a powerful meditation, she was told that she was destined to become a compassionate healer. After this revelation, Ruey felt the heartache she had been experiencing leave her and she knew that she had found her life’s work. 

But despite her conviction, as she began working as a healer, Ruey’s rational mind searched to “understand” what was happening. In desperation, she called out one day, “God, I need a master teacher now!” The next day she was handed Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan. She read the whole book in one sitting and knew she had been given the teacher she had prayed for. She enrolled in the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four-year program of study that focuses on energy healing from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. The school brought Ruey self-healing, joy, an even greater passion for helping others and a confirmation that she was on the right path.

Ruey completed the Brennan program in 1998, having juggled a leave of absence from the University of Hawai'i. During this time, she also cared for her dying father and aunt and developed a graduate nurse practitioner program back in her childhood home of Bloomington, Illinois. After graduating from the Brennan school, she was selected to join the school’s two-year teacher training program. This time broadened her healing capacities as it led her deeper into the journey of her own soul. “It really pushed me,” she recalled, “but I loved the intense learning and growth.”

In 2000, Ruey took early retirement from her position as a professor of nursing at the University of Hawai'i. From 2000 to 2003, she taught at the Brennan school. Simultaneously, she began a full-time private healing practice in Honolulu, seeing clients dealing with everything from late-stage cancers to spiritual crises. In 2004, on her 60th birthday, Ruey was initiated by Jim Gordon in the inner pathway of sound and light. She also began to teach a small first class in Hawai'i, which ultimately grew into the Sacred Path Healing School.

In 1999, in the midst of Ruey’s own journey toward becoming a compassionate healer, her beloved daughter Mindy passed. In the midst of the terrible grief that this brought came more lessons: on the importance of surrender and the acceptance that all life is in God’s hands. Perhaps even more profoundly, Ruey found that she was able to communicate with her daughter in the realms beyond death. In tandem with her healing work, Ruey began to realize the power of connection across the veils. Mindy began to guide some of Ruey’s healing work and even healed Ruey herself: After Ruey injured her hand in a fall, the next morning it was filled with warm, healing light and energy when she lifted it up to connect energetically with her daughter. When Ruey brought her hand back down 20 minutes later, she had no more pain, swelling, or bruising.

The most extraordinary communion between Ruey and Mindy, though, has come through poetry. In her short lifetime, Mindy was a wonderful poet; Ruey’s sole claim to poetic fame was winning a bicycle when she was ten by writing a poem to Santa that read, “Santa in your coat so bright, I would very much like a bike….” In 2003, during a reading, Ruey received guidance that Mindy was studying in the spirit realm with Kahlil Gibran and wanted to write poetry with her mother. The next morning, Ruey took pen to diary and birthed her very first spiritual poetry. She wrote "The Flowering," below.

In the ensuing years, Ruey has continued to commune with her daughter to bring sacred poetry into the world, and poetry has become a part of every class session of Sacred Path Healing School. For more examples of this spiritual poetry, see below and also go to Ruey's Poetry. She also authored a book of poems called Poems From the Path


The Flowering

In the wee hours of night  

Comes belief that fear, despair, darkness,  

Even death hold dominion over light.   

Let me breath in Mother from my root.  

Please fill me now.  

Let me surrender to the tender,  

Exquisite opening of my heart.  

Let me send pain and delusion to my third eye,  

Until my I meets God's eye,  

And let me flower,  

Showering sweet, golden rain  

Upon each cell and aspect of my being;  

Transforming to the knowing that  

I Am.