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Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

Sacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your TruthSacred Path Healing School Find, Love and Live Your Truth

Her Poetry

All poems here are in Poems From the Path


The Fire Pit

(This poem synchronizes with studying and healing the first chakra.) 

I awaken sitting in a fire pit of red flame,  

grounding and connecting me to Gaia and Pele,   

goddesses of Earth and Fire.  

May this flame burn all resentment,   

fear, anger and grief that no longer serve me.  

May I receive grace, connected to the Mother   

who feeds, breathes, loves, and heals me.  

May my body, emotions, mind and soul fill   

with this consuming, destroying, creating,   

regenerating life-force fire.  

And may my heart's passion join and rekindle   

my inner resurrection flame as I step forth renewed   

to serve Thee in light and truth this day.   



(This poem depicts the need to ground to the Earth, another First Year skill that is perfected throughout the three years of school.)

Every muscle surrounding my spine, neck, and rib cage 
aches today, partially the result of yoga intensive, 
But really my body's screaming resistance.

So twisted is my frame from falls, positioning and 
definding my heart's ache, 
allowing me to partially leave this Earth 
thinking safety lies away,

Feet no longer grounded into the Earth 
carrying these misbeliefs so long that my bones no 
longer straighten: 
hips tilted, ribs twisted, left shoulder raised, 
head and neck ajar.

May I release, Dear God, the conscious and unconscious 
memories locked and torqued within me. 
May the deep fear, anger, and grief wash and lift from 
these bones, ligaments, tendons, and cells.

May the acid, poison, and toxins wash clean on the 
breath's journey home.

May I rest and heal in the rainbow and golden light of
Thy Grace, untorqued, untwisted, at peace, renewed.


The Warrior's Requiem

(This poem is about wounding of the heart — the warrior or psychopath.)

Many lifetimes, including this, 
I've stood in warrior pose, defending truth as seen in 
that moment– 
sometimes rising victoriously, sometimes falling 
wounded and bleeding, 
sometimes dying a hero, sometimes dying a foe.

All based upon duality– 
truth vs. lies, my God vs. yours, my right vs. your wrong.

Attack sometimes direct with swords, muskets or other 
weapons of death.

Other times verbally based, but no less destructive 
than weapons of destruction.

And, more than I ever wanted to see, further attack 
from those using darkness, to main and harm. 

I set intention this day to stop duality in my life by 
cutting and unhooking from karma.

I align only with Creator's Light by sealing my 
body–physical, and subtle–360 degrees with golden, 
violet, white light.

I take responsibility to stop all volleys sent forth 
by me and ask: 
Mother, Father, Shekinah, Christ, please enfold me in 
armor of protection.

May this shield of faith take me to Your throne as I 
serve you as healer and teacher of light. 
I am honored to go forth yet another day in unity, 
peace, mercy, adoration, and love.



(This poem shines light when developing the sixth chakra or inner sight.)

Dear God, 
Why am I so blind to my inner light? 
How many times must I look outward, 
trusting a friend / co-worker / healer's suggestion 
rather than looking within to my inner knowing and truth?

When I rely on my heart and soul's messages,

life flows, me radiant and at peace. 
Yet, when I turn outward for answers, 
fatigue, doubt, deception reign.

May I learn to beware false prophets. 
Instead, may I listen to the still, small voice within 
guiding, loving, filling, healing and teaching me 
on the flow of the pathway home–

the inward light and 
sound of God.