Ordination and graduation ceremonies are both held on the last day of the last session of the third year of school.   

The three years of training as a Sacred Path Healer culminates in ordination. Each student becomes a minister, certified spiritual healer, and earth steward in The International Assembly of Earth Stewards congregation, or S.H.E.S. The organization was started in 1988 by attorney Ed Campbell of Seattle, Washington. As both an attorney and healer, Mr. Campbell became concerned that healers needed legal and ethical protection.  Founding S.H.E.S. achieved that purpose, making each hierophant able to become a licensed minister in their state of residence.  

Our particular branch of S.H.E.S. is Sacred Path Healing. The ordination includes anointing with sacred oils, ordination vows, and signing a Code of Professional Conduct for Trusted Servants.

After ordination, students receive their diplomas as graduates of the school and celebrate the culmination of three years of healing work and connections.