Poetry Book

Poems From the Path

Written by Ruey Ryburn

Photography by Kauakea Winston

Poems From the Path incorporates poetry woven into SPHS and is very helpful to anyone grieving and recovering from loss and trauma. It features 23 poems including those on Ruey's Poetry page. "The Flowering," below, is also on Ruey's Path page.

For more information about the book, contact Ruey or Kauakea. It is also available for purchase via amazon.com

The Flowering

In the wee hours of night

Comes belief that fear, despair, darkness,

Even death hold dominion over light.

Let me breath in Mother from my root.

Please fill me now.

Let me surrender to the tender,

Exquisite opening of my heart.

Let me send pain and delusion to my third eye,

Until my I meets God's eye,

And let me flower,

Showering sweet, golden rain

Upon each cell and aspect of my being;

Transforming to the knowing that

I Am.