Post-Graduate Healer Certification

(A.k.a. the Graduate Apprenticeship Program)

After receiving a diploma of completion for the three-year program of study, SPHS graduates who wish to become certified Sacred Path Healers must participate as graduate apprentices in a monthly clinic. They give on-site long-distance healings to clients who are unable to pay the usual healing session fees. SPH faculty supervise these healing sessions. 

Participating graduates are also asked to complete and describe 75 healings using a Healing Write-up template, with supervision of their certification process by the Director or designated faculty member. Graduate apprentices are also able to complete healing sessions outside of clinic and include these in their respective accumulated 75 healings. The apprentices are given credit for 25 healings accumulated in their last year of study, leading to 100 supervised healings in total. Upon completion, the apprentice receives a certificate and is noted on the Find a Graduate page as a certified Sacred Path Healer.