Second Year

Inner Work Continues & Healing Skills Begin

Second Year continues in the inward journey of personal healing while also focusing on self in relation to other. Students begin hands-on healing work while deepening their inner process work to heal their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body systems. They also explore a deeper base understanding of the human energy field in relation to one’s spiritual path and life’s work. 

  • Students learn simple to complex healing science skills to balance, clear and charge the human energy field. They learn to remove energetic blocks that lead to disease and to enhance the body’s natural healing potential. 

  • In support of this, the group studies human anatomy and physiology from a didactic and energetic perspective.

  • Students begin hands-on healing work to facilitate healing of clients' physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. In addition to homework reading and journalling, they also turn in write-ups of their client sessions. 

  • Second-year study and practice also includes communication, ethics, aromatherapy and deepening understanding of the complexity of the energetic universe and the inner path to spiritual awakening.

  • Students also learn how to read their personal astrological chart and how it influences their life path. 

  • Meditation, yoga, toning, breath-work, and application of essential oils all continue to support students' development as spiritual energy healers.