Third Year

Deeper Inner Work & Healership Development

Third Year continues the development of healership with emphasis upon the power of intention, surrendering to working with the spiritual team guiding Sacred Path Healing, as well as exploring distance, Earth and global healing. One’s own inner path continues to deepen as students prepare for ordination into the Sacred Path Healing congregation of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards.  

  • Third-year study emphasizes the power of intention, surrender while learning more complex healing skills. working with guides, and other complex healing skills.

  • The development of healing skills includes the study and use of herbal / vibrational essences as well as the study and exploration of distance, Earth and global healing.

  • Human anatomy and physiology are continued with application to self and clients.

  • Sound healing is also studied and applied.

  • Each student presents a final project highlighting their healing work and gifts as a spiritual energy healer in conjunction with an individual, corporate, or clinical organizational client.