Founded in 2001, Sacred Path Healing School (SPHS) is a three-year program of intensive study of spiritual awakening, processing, meditation and healing. The first year focuses on self-healing. The second and third years build upon the first one, culminating in ordination, spiritual healership and Earth stewardship. The curriculum provides the education, experience, and support necessary to become a skilled, confident, and successful energy healer. Starting in September 2018, classes will be held in Chinatown, downtown Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawai'i. 

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Dr. Ruey Ryburn

Ruey Ryburn,  DrPH, RN, APRN

Founder, director & faculty

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School mission statement and definition poem

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SPHS Clinic: Long-distance sessions available to the public

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Graduates with active energy healing practices

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Energy Healing

Healing technique information and a poem on the gift and process of healing

Poetry Book

Poetry woven into SPHS materials, helpful to those grieving and recovering from loss and trauma


Students's descriptions of SPHS' impact on their spiritual path, relationships and healership

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