Mission Statement & Definition Poem

Mission Statement

Sacred Path Healing is a school whose mission is to teach and practice love:  

Love for Creator,  

Love for Self,  

Love for other,  

Love for earth.  

Love flows in a sea of creativity and passion,  

While maintaining structure,  

Providing safety and boundaries  

To look into the depths and shadows of one’s being  

Following the light and sound current vibrating truth.  

Only then may answers be known and decisions made.  

Vibrating in loving truth dissolves differences,  

Resulting in healing and peace.  

As the process of self-healing continuously unfolds,  

Students’ open to their life mission and tasks,  

Sharing Creator’s blessings and grace.  

Sacred is the Path.  

Healing is the Mission.  

Love is the Answer.  

Peace is the outcome.

Definition Poem

A time of growth,  

A time of grace,  

A time of karmic pattern dissolution,  

A time of knowing and loving God,  

A time of assisting others,  

A time of uncovering Self,  

A time of ego dissolution,  

A time of joy,  

A time of stepping forth  

Upon the path to Creator’s heart.