From Graduate J.S.

How has attending SPHS changed your life? 

SPHS brought an opportunity to do the work of deep exploration: of self, of beliefs, of life, of spirit. It offered a firm and loving environment in which to do that work. There were 14 of us in my year and the work—of necessity—challenged each of us profoundly; we all bore witness for each other as we identified and then shed painful experiences and conditioning and energetic patterns. Over the three years of SPHS, I watched all 14 of us transform for the better, myself included. From that place, SPHS then taught us all how to work with and use healing energies to help others on their own journeys toward wellness and wholeness.  

How do you apply the skills you have learned at SPHS in your life? 

I am able to bring a more whole and nurturing energy to all of my relationships now, including my relationship with myself. I am able to do hands-on healing for friends in need and to assist as they move in to a place of greater well-being. I am able to be more detached from the day-to-day intensities of the world and to live more from a place of communion with spirit.  

Would you recommend the school and why? 

I think SPHS is a tremendous place to do the work we are all here to do in these lives. Taking the time to explore our selves and our relation to the wider universe is one of the great gifts we can give ourselves while we are here. Time and again I see people around me struggling—with anger, depression, despair, loneliness—and I think how much they would benefit from learning about and loving themselves more. SPHS offers the best environment I know of within which to do that work. And it teaches the skills to then go out into the world to become a healer for others.   

From Graduate Laurie Freed

How has attending SPHS changed your life? 

SPH helped me awaken to my inner knowledge, and trust in that knowledge. SPH gave me the courage to allow my Self to shine. It gave me the confidence to be in the world with my Self. It gave me permission to love and respect all parts of who I am.  

How do you apply the skills you have learned at SPHS in your life? 

The most simple skill I use (regularly) is "Dear soul mind body of my tanden...." and "...of my snow mountain..." I use this to center, ground and check in with myself. On a more subtle level, I use the healing skills we learned to check what's around me or help others.  

Would you recommend the school and why? 

Absolutely yes. It keeps us honest with ourselves, and helps us to be healthier in a wholistic way. If everyone went through this process of deep reflection, the world could be a better place!   

From Other Students

The work of Ruey Ryburn gave me back my life. After being diagnosed incurable, I was needing and found healing that baffles the doctors to this day. The “miracle cure” of healing led me to enroll in Sacred Path Healing School and I’ve found that my healing has deepened in the most profound ways. SPHS has been the greatest of gifts in my life. – C. 

SPHS gives the support and building blocks for the path to self-discovery and to God. It is gentle, loving, accepting. – L.  

SPHS offers a way to tap deeply into the divine. It leads to self-awareness, clarity, peace and an evermore open and trusting life and path. – J. 

SPHS is life-altering. Old patterns are released and a healthy new attitude toward life is birthed from releasing the pain of past experiences. I am very grateful for the gift of participating in this school and meeting amazing people. – K. 

SPHS has given me the opportunity to heal at the profoundest level, an opportunity grabbed with both hands. Like anything worthwhile, it isn’t easy, but I have found extraordinary inner peace and support in the process. – H.